R V Fabrications

Stainless Steel Component for Car

Motor Sport

With over 30 years experience in motor sport fabrications for Race and Rally the Vincent name has been associated with some of the biggest names in motor sport in the World Rally Championships, IRS WRC Super 2000, Rally Cross and Classic Car Rallying.

Here at RV Fabrications we can design and homologate roll cages including full body preparation or blue book spec roll cages with design materials T45 or CDS2.

  • Kit cages welded into body shells
  • Suspension parts designed and fabricated
  • Aluminium tanks, swirl pots, fuel tanks, sump shields and much more
Rollcage for Car

We have specialised in Ford Escort Cosworth Fabricated parts for many years offering:

  • Full WRC and Group A bodyshell preperation
  • Suspension cradles and links for WRC and Group A
  • Front Crossmembers, 6 point and 4 point for WRC and Group A
  • Compression struts and brackets
  • Front wing MOD's WRC
  • Full Ford factory WRC Escort Bodyshell panel repair and rejig service